Who is Therese Ulvan?

When she received the BEST SINGER SONGWRITER AWARD 2010 from the organization Los Angeles Women in Music, Therese Ulvan’s career was off to flying start. Since then, she has released three albums and been on several international tours. Therese Ulvan’s is the story about a girl who moved from the countryside in Norway to global metropolis Los Angeles, to create and release her own music. While there, she teamed up with some of the best musicians in the world.

“Fastfood Love” is the first single from her fourth album I AM, which is expected to be released in 2020. The title reflects an artist who has fully arrived, both personally and musically. The genre is rock/funk/soul and the compositions are original. Therese is searching for what music may mean to people, and what role it plays in society. She has now recorded a new album, hoping to continue to touch, move and inspire others with her music. Her first single, "Fastfood Love," takes an ironic look at the superficial values in today’s society.

The lyrics express the artist’s musings on Millennials and our quick fix society, where all needs have to be satisfied instantly, and no one is willing to wait for anything. Tinder enables us to swipe and dismiss people, while we’re staring at our screens rather than into each other’s eyes.

Yes, things may feel less complicated, but at the same time, we become more isolated as we sit at home taking selfies with glam filters to appear perfect.