Therese Ulavn is a Norwegian singer/songwriter from the coast of Norway, now located in Trondheim. She has been studying jazz piano and vocals at the Novello Music School in Los Angeles, and holds a bachelor degree in Jazz from Leeds College of Music. She has also attended Paul MaCartneys´Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) and Musisian Institute (MI) in Los Angeles.

With an international career she has performed on multiple occasions in Russia, Spain, Italy, the Philippines, Monaco, Germany, Hungary, USA and Norway. She launched an international tour with the release of her album Love True. Her band consisted of world known Jimmy Haslip, Jeff Lorber and Lioenel Cordew. For three year she toured with Joe Lynn Turner, and provided the back up vocal on the tune «Tided Down», published in the world’s leading rock magazine, Classic Rock Magazine Ulvan has lent her voice to The World Peace Orchestra in Indonesia. Her face has been seen on Norwegian national television on several different occasions and in programs such as Beat for Beat, Firestjerners middag and a string of aired Easter church services.

Having experienced the different sides of the music industry, she is also a speaker for aspiring musicians. Both on how to approach the music industry and how to reach your goals. She is a vocal teacher and has given workshops on song writing, improvising and song technique both in Norway, Russia, England, USA and Mexico. She is involved in Hjertefred and Livsglede for Eldre and is an ambassador for MOT.